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Success Stories

Dave is the most amazing person I have ever met.   I had tried every back person, physio, and therapy for my horse, non of which made any difference really.  I had given up on back people my horse would be retired as a  4 year old.  Then someone suggested I give Dave a try, he is different I was told.  I very reluctantly agreed to try one more person.  What a difference.....  I now have a horse who is happy to live, and who I can ride!  Dave has a magic touch on horses I cannot explain it any other way.   I strongly recommend him to every person I meet for both problem horses and as a wellness/ preventative treatment.  Thank you Dave.   Miss H. 

Dave has made regular visits to Essex for many years now and has included educational talks on anatomy and gait analysis in addition to his routine horse chiropractic checks.  His approach is always fun and thought provoking and he really wants people to gain a better understanding on how the body works (their own as well as their horse's).  His chiropractic checks are thorough with every horse, often focusing on the quality of the joint movement and not just whether it moves.  With education being so important he will help every owner feel for themselves the joint movement he is trying to achieve.
Dave's chiropractic work is a valuable  compliment to my own soft tissue work using The Equine Touch and therapeutic groundwork and riding.  Strengthening the healthy horse and bringing the troubled horse back into balance.  www.kateprowse.co.uk

My little cavalier king charles spaniel was behaving like a dog twice his age. He seemed stiff and sore and our walks were just pottering in the woods or fields.
I thought it might help if he had a chiropractic session with Dave Siemens, he has a very good reputation and I wanted the best for my beloved boy.
Dave found his sore areas in his neck, pelvis and knees. After his treatment, which was more physical than I had thought it would be, he shook himself all over and smiled!!! ( a cavalier thing!).
The next day we went to the fields again and Jas ran. He ran just for the fun of it, just because he could as the pains had gone. Please see the photo of my boy running for the love of it.
I can't thank Dave enough for giving Jas his joi de vivre again. Thank you  Mrs M.

I was lucky to be recommended Dr Dave and was delighted when he agreed to travel to Cornwall to treat my horse. I noticed an immediate difference in the stride and elevation of my horses paces following his treatment.  Dave has also been instrumental helping keep me on the road following a number of injuries and has increased mobility and reduced pain in a number of my joints as well as my back. I would recommend him (and have done) to anyone with horse or human needs. Miss S-J Brown www.shoestringeventing.co.uk   


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