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Dave provides lectures to all levels from new horse owners to vets and equine professionals.

Anatomy Lecture

Fun and informative, these run from an evening to a half day.

Topics covered include structural anatomy

  • Function of occipital joint, atlas and axis  (essential knowledge for all those who ride horses)
  • The vertebra
  • Thoracic anatomy
  • Limb anatomy

These lectures are hands on and participants will feel the movement and lack of movement of various joints.  Read more here

Gait Analysis

Another interactive workshop lecture

  • Learn how to evaluate your horses gait
  • Identify irregular or uneven gait that could indicate pain
  • Establish which joints are causing the irregularities

(these lectures can be held at race tracks if participants are interested in progressing to evaluate a lot of horses quickly whilst having fun)

Saddle Fit

This course covers either Western or English saddle fit

  • Review the saddles anatomy
  • How the horse affects saddle design
  • Looking at the inside of saddles
  • How the saddle affects the horse
  • Examples of poor fitting saddles on horses and issues caused.



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