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Dr Dave International Chiropractor

Fuelled by a passion that anything is possible and a perfectionist intuitive approach, Dr Dave achieves chiropractic results rarely equalled.

Treating mainly horses and humans, Dr Dave has over 30 years experience assisting everyone from Olympic athletes to family pets, performance horses to farm pigs.

Healthy functioning joints allow us to; move more freely in our ordinary daily activities, be more productive, have more energy, increase feelings of wellness, improve sports performance and even enhance resistance to disease.  The same is true for your horse. 
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Dave often takes both human and animal referrals from fellow Chiropractors who are concerned that they are not making the improvements they would like.

In addition Dave offers a mentor service to newly qualified animal Chiropractors who feel they would like the benefit of someone with over 30 years experience guiding them.
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Dr Dave Chiropractic Care - Motion is life, life is motion.

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