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What to expect from a Chiropractic Treatment

The treatment will begin with an examination that may include taking a case history, posture analysis, gait analysis, palpation of the spine or checking for any differences in temperature or swelling. The goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper motion to the affected joint and to stimulate neurological reflexes as well as decrease pain and muscle spasms in the area of the subluxated joint.

Chiropractic adjustments are specific high velocity, low force adjustments with a specific line of correction aimed to correct joint misalignments and to restore proper skeletal movement and muscle/nerve function. The movement within these joints is minute and therefore the adjustments will be small but significant. Chiropractic adjustments are aimed to adjust one joint at a time and not the entire animal. Adjusting the joints in a human or animal's back does NOT require brute strength, hammers or mallets. A quick precise thrust at the correct angle will enable the correct adjustment.

For equine adjustments it is necessary for Dave to get above your horse's back by standing on a 3ft blue plastic barrel so it would be worthwhile familiarizing your horse with a barrel prior to the adjustment.

Most humans and animals find adjustments very relaxing. They may be apprehensive or jump at the time of the initial adjustment but usually will begin to relax after a correct adjustment is made. These adjustments are very specific and aimed at a joint that is not moving correctly. There may be muscle spasms in the area where Dr Dave needs to place his hands and most reluctance is due to the fact that this is a painful area in the body.

With horses it is especially important to work with the horse to obtain the maximum relaxation prior to the adjustment.

In most cases a horse will be able to work and perform immediately after an adjustment.
Dave will always demonstrate on the owners hand (if the owner is happy for him to do that) what the horse will experience if the horse and owner have not experienced Chiropractic previously.


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