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About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is all about creating and maintaining health joint function

Efficient movement is important to sustain life. We must be able to move in order to see and process what is going on around us. Inefficient, unhealthy joints may hinder our ability to move quick enough to avoid danger.  For example: the person who can only turn their head freely in one direction, may not notice the vehicle failing to stop at the traffic light. Lack of joint mobility matters. The person who is unable to turn in response to the sound of danger, has an increased likelihood of injury or even death. Healthy joint function matters to both quality and quantity of life. Motion is Life, Life is Motion, no motion, no life. 
The skull and spinal column house and protect the nervous system. The skull protects the brain and the spinal column protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord distributes the nerves to every organ and tissue of the body. These nerves exit the spinal column between the bones of the spine called vertebrae. The vertebrae are designed to move freely with each adjoining vertebra, thus allowing forward and backward bending, side bending and rotation.  
During the process of life, the accumulation of slips and falls, for example can begin to decrease or alter the once healthy function of joints.  As joints become less efficient in their ability to move, especially the vertebrae of the spinal column, nerve impulses may be altered. Altered nerve impulses leaving the spinal column may affect the function of tissues and organs in the area supplied by those nerves. Altered nerve function may appear as weak muscles, muscle spasms, behavior changes, laziness, poor balance, fatigue, pain and an inefficient immune system as example.
Chiropractic care is about restoring the movement to the altered joint, helping the joint to function more efficiently, thereby returning the natural function of the nervous system.  Chiropractic works to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just treat the symptoms.

Healthy functioning joints allow us to move more freely in our ordinary daily activities. Be more productive, have more energy, better sports performance, an increased overall feeling of well being and even enhanced resistance to disease.

An example I have found helpful in explaining the relationship between structure and function is the emergency brake; also known as a parking brake or hand brake, depending on which country we are in. Most of us have driven off with the parking brake on at some time. Obviously our vehicle will still move with the brake on.  The question is, does this allow for the most efficient use of our vehicle? Will this cause issues with the brake if we repeatedly drive with the parking brake?  If the brake disks heat up they will expand and become “inflamed” as a joint will.
Chiropractic is all about creating and maintaining healthy joint function. Healthy joints allow us to move efficiently. Something we seldom consciously think about, and take for granted. 

Why does this matter?

Life happens. As life goes along, with its bumps and stresses, we adjust and compensate to the minor pains. We think it is normal to have a shorter length of stride on one side, or more weight landing on one foot than the other. Have you ever noticed you can turn your head more freely in one direction than the other when backing up your vehicle?  Or even more serious, is for the imbalance to occur and not even to be aware of what has happened. This matters. The absence of symptoms may occur in the early stages of decreased joint function. One day we are  surprised? The day of awakening occurs, and  we realize we’re not as flexible as we once were. We are not moving as efficiently. We are still able to move, but not as efficiently as we once did. This happens slowly over time and we have been conditioned to believe as long as there are no major symptoms, all is well. We are told we have to expect decreased quality of life, after all, you are getting old.  When we age prematurely, it is not only the external that is evident, such as posture. The outside of us is only a reflection of that which is happening on the inside.
Healthy joint function matters to both quality and quantity of life. Motion is Life, Life is Motion, no motion, no life.



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